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Do you want to keep your body healthy through your diet? If so, you will need to consider detoxing your body from the everyday toxins in your current diet.

To jump-start the process, we suggest following a healthy, safe detox program. We’ve compiled a list of seven foods that will naturally detox your system.

Then you’re ready to detox to lose weight, be sure to get plenty of fruit into your diet including oranges, watermelon, and bananas. Usually, fruit has a high water content. This means that fruits will be more likely to flush out toxins from your system. They’ll also expedite the detox process.

You will find that fruit is easy to digest and has plenty of vitamins, nutrients, and fiber for your health. There are lots of added benefits to consuming more fruit. In fact, the antioxidants in fruit can actually help to reduce your risk of cancer.

Green vegetables.

Another great detoxifying food? Leafy green vegetables such as kale, and arugula. The chlorophyll in these vegetables can help remove toxins such as herbicides, pesticides, and toxic metals.

By eating many fruits and vegetables in place of fast food and junk food, people could avoid obesity.

Green vegetables are also great for repairing your liver. So be sure to get leafy greens in your diet!

Citrus fruit is filled with water. As a result, lemons and limes are known for flushing out toxins from your system. Also, citrus fruit gives a great boost your digestive system. A strong digestive system is able to remove toxins quickly.

You can eat vegetables either raw or in juice form as part of your detox diet. The type of vegetables you should include are carrots, broccoli, kale, beets, and cauliflower. You can also add turmeric and oregano to flavor your vegetables.

We hope you will include the seven options above in your detox diet. Do you have any other great foods that will help a detox diet and boost your health? If so, let us know in the comments below!

Photo Courtesy of Martyna Jovaisaite.

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